Science Week

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The Three Little Pigs Engineering Challenge

We learned about the stability of structures and properties of materials in this fun lesson as part of Science Week.

We worked in groups to make three houses; one of straw, one of sticks and one of bricks.  We made our predictions on what would happen when the big bad wolf tried to blow the house down.  We then tested our structures and recorded our results.

Sheep in a Jeep – Build a Ramp STEM activity

Today we worked together to make ramps.  After working on our design, we put lots of boxes together to create a slope.  Some slopes were very high and some slopes even went through tunnels.   Our car had to travel down the slope and jump a minimum of 10cm.  One car jumped 34cm off a ramp.  Wow! We use science, technology, engineering and maths in this activity.

Jack and the Beanstalk – Parachute Investigation

Investigation:  Investigate which parachute will ensure the softest landing for Jack.

Result:  The largest parachute was the best.

The Wigglebot

Using a simple circuit and a motor we made our very own wigglebots.